KES cable entries

When feeding in non-assembled cables, lines and pneumatic hoses (without connected plugs), CONTA-CLIP has a wide range of products that offer alternatives to cable glands or single-membrane feed-throughs.

The KES cable entries are very flat; they enable space-saving professional cable entries with a very tight seal.

Due to its high assembly density, the KES system is well suited for applications where the installations are carried out in confined spaces.

Your advantages

  • Can be screwed /snapped on
  • Very high stability (core: PA 6.6 GF)
  • Outstanding strain relief (cone grommet)
  • Very simple assembly (with marked centring point)
  • High-density assemblies
  • Double sealing /IP66 seal
  • Hygienic design: no dirt-prone niches
  • Large assortment (48 varieties)
  • UL-listed plastic materials
  • UL 94 V-0
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Two components

The KES system consists of two components. The inner core, made of polyamide PA 6.6 GF, is crucial for the stability and strain relief; it is over-moulded in the sealing areas with TPE to ensure an IP66 seal.

Many cables in a confined space

Many cables (with various diameters from 3.2 to 20.5 mm) can be inserted in a confined space and double sealed (IP66) thanks to the special construction of the conical grommets. The installation can use a screw-on outer mount optionally using threaded bushes from the inside, or snapping on without screws. In order to insert the cables, the corresponding membrane (with marked centring point) must be pierced; the cables are then simply guided through.

UL 94 V-0 classification

The KES is designed for use in mounting cut-outs together with 24-pin heavy-duty connectors. All variants are available in grey and black. The materials used comply with the UL 94 V-0 classification.

An overview of your advantages

High-density assemblies

In contrast to the classic cable gland, the KES allows many cables, hoses and lines to be installed in a space-saving manner, even in cramped installation conditions.

Very precise

The piercing points are clearly marked so that cables and hoses can be centred precisely

Integrated strain relief

The special shape of the multi-layered membrane cone grommet ensures an optimal strain relief mechanism for the cables, in accordance with DIN EN 62444.

Can be used from – 40 °C to + 120 °C

Materials contain no halogen or silicone, suitable for many different applications.

Wide variety of KES variants

Screw-on mount

The KES (without threaded bush) is screwed from the outside onto the housing wall.

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Screw-on mount with threaded bushes and latching clips

Using the latching clips, the KES-GB latches onto the outside of the housing wall. It is then screwed on from the inside, through the housing wall, using the integrated threaded bushes.

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Latched (snap-on) mount using latching hooks

The KES-R is latched from outside to the housing wall using the latching clips.

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Cable entries made simple

KES – Installation in practice

Punching tool

The hydraulic hand pump, when used together with our sheet metal punches, is perfectly suited for quickly producing precise chip-free breakouts.

The sheet metal punches for rectangular format are available for all KDSClick cable entry systems and for all KES cable entry systems. The built-in punch-hole marking tip can be used to punchmark the drill points clearly for screw-on attachments.

Sheet metal punches are available in circular format for the sizes M20, M25, M32, M40, M50 and M63.

The hydraulic hand pump is also compatible with sheet-metal punches from other popular manufacturers.

Hydraulic hand pump

The hydraulic hand pump can be used to punch out openings for various cable feed-through and cable entry systems. The cylinder can be swivelled along 3 axes and rotated 360°, so that the break-outs can also be punched in inconvenient places.

Your advantages

  • Easy-to-use format without a tube
  • Cylinder can rotate 360° and swivel along 3 axes
  • Lightweight aluminium version (weight: 2 kg)
  • Can also be used for inconvenient hard-to-reach locations

Sheet-metal punch BL

Sheet metal punch for the KDSClick, KDS-FP, KDS-FB, KDS-KV and KES cable entry systems. Using the sheet-metal punch, you can produce the desired break-outs, without any chips, in just a few minutes. The built-in punch-hole marking tip can be used to punch-mark the drill points clearly for screw-on attachments. These sheet-metal punchs are compatible with all common hydraulic pumps.

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