KDS-KV Separable cable glands

All-round "cornered" solutions for your requirements! For metric break-outs from M20 to M63, CONTA-CLIP provides separable cable glands for cables with or without attached plugs. In case of maintenance or retrofitting with assembled cable harnesses, cables with diameters from 2 to 35 mm can be quickly and safely inserted into the switchgear cabinets or housings and sealed according to IP66. This separable system ensures quick and simple installation.

The slitted seal has a wave-cut profile that ensures a reliable seal and a totally secure attachment. The seal is first placed around the cable and then inserted in one of the two halves of the cable gland. After inserting the seals, the two halves of the cable gland are simply snapped together. A locknut (which can also be separated) on the inside of the cabinet ensures a safe and secure attachment.

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The basic components of the modular system

1Split cable glands

Consisting of two half-shells, the cable gland is quick and easy to install. It is made of dimensionally stable, glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The integrated seal guarantees an optimal seal according to IP66, even on painted or rough surfaces.

2Separable locknuts

The individual parts of the locknut can be snapped together quickly and easily via the dovetail guide and then mounted with the gland.


The conical shape of the seal makes it easy to press in. This also reliably seals the gaps and ensures strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 62444. The seals are installed by pressing them from the inside outwards into the openings of the previously installed inlays. Their wave-cut profile makes them easy to install and ensures a perfect fit around the cables. There are currently over 90 different seals that can be used for sealing cables of various diameters and sizes.

An overview of your advantages


No tools are required to mount the cable gland.


Up to 4 cables can be fed through using just one cable gland.

No loss of guarantee during cable assembly

No need to disassemble and reconnect connectors, so manufacturer's warranty is not voided.

Very versatile high-density assemblies are possible

1-way, 2-way, and 4-way seals provide you with excellent versatility for cable management

Outstanding seal: IP66 protection

Multi-resistant, tapered seals feature inner and outer sealing gills.

Integrated strain relief

The secure fit of the seals ensures a strain relief mechanism for the cables, in accordance with DIN EN 62444.

Facility availability

Since the cable gland and the locknut are separable, servicing can be carried out during operations.

Can be used from – 40 °C to + 120 °C

Materials contain no halogen or silicone, suitable for many different applications.

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Punching tool

The hydraulic hand pump, when used together with our sheet metal punches, is perfectly suited for quickly producing precise chip-free breakouts.

The sheet metal punches for rectangular format are available for all KDSClick cable entry systems and for all KES cable entry systems. The built-in punch-hole marking tip can be used to punchmark the drill points clearly for screw-on attachments.

Sheet metal punches are available in circular format for the sizes M20, M25, M32, M40, M50 and M63.

The hydraulic hand pump is also compatible with sheet-metal punches from other popular manufacturers.

Hydraulic hand pump

The hydraulic hand pump can be used to punch out openings for various cable feed-through and cable entry systems. The cylinder can be swivelled along 3 axes and rotated 360°, so that the break-outs can also be punched in inconvenient places.

Your advantages

  • Easy-to-use format without a tube
  • Cylinder can rotate 360° and swivel along 3 axes
  • Lightweight aluminium version (weight: 2 kg)
  • Can also be used for inconvenient hard-to-reach locations

Sheet-metal punch BL

Sheet metal punch for the KDSClick, KDS-FP, KDS-FB, KDS-KV and KES cable entry systems. Using the sheet-metal punch, you can produce the desired break-outs, without any chips, in just a few minutes. The built-in punch-hole marking tip can be used to punch-mark the drill points clearly for screw-on attachments. These sheet-metal punchs are compatible with all common hydraulic pumps.

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