KDS-FP Flange plates
New versatility for managing cables

The new KDS-FP flange plate provides manufacturers of machines with a very cost-effective, convenient feed-through solution. It can be used to adapt housings and switchgear cabinets to fit your updated requirements at any time, and can also considerably simplify your warehousing. You no longer have to stock switchgear cabinets or distributors with different configurations of assembled cable and cable outlets. Instead, you can uniformly prepare your products with the flange plate and then adapt them at any time to your specific cabling or tubing requirements. In the future, CONTA-CLIP will also offer the flange plates of the KDS-FP series in other shapes and sizes. Your advantage is that you save money by requiring fewer variants.

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The basic components of the modular system

Flange plate. Inlays. Seals. The modular design – 3 basic components – provides more versatility, variability and variety.

1Flange plate

The flange plate is available in the versions KDS-FP-2x10/24 (up to 20 feed-through openings) or the KDS-FP-3x10/24 (up to 30 openings). Uniform housing break-outs of 131 x 110 mm or 131 x 161 mm are used for installation. By screwing the flange plate on the outside of the cabinet, the break-out is completely sealed according to IP66. On the continuous closed plates, there are two or three cover segments with pre-determined breaking points; these can be pushed out (without tools) which then opens up a 40 x 110 mm feed-through opening. The click-in KDSClick frame inlays can be used to subdivide this opening in up to ten appropriately sized frame openings.


The click-in inlays enable needs-based dimensioning of the frame opening, corresponding to the seal being used. An audible "click" confirms a correct installation. So you can variably configure cable entries to match various requirements (for cables, lines, tubing, pneumatic and hydraulic lines).


The conical shape of the seal makes it easy to press in. This also reliably seals the gaps and ensures strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 62444. The seals are installed by pressing them from the inside outwards into the openings of the previously installed inlays. Their wave-cut profile makes them easy to install and ensures a perfect fit around the cables. There are currently over 90 different seals that can be used for sealing cables of various diameters and sizes.

An overview of your advantages

Flange plate is easy to install

The one-piece flange plate can be easily and quickly attached to the wall.

Captive seal

The foamed-in frame gasket eliminates the risk of incorrect assembly (forgotten gasket) and speeds up the assembly process.

No loss of guarantee during cable assembly

No need to disassemble and reconnect connectors, so manufacturer's warranty is not voided.

Versatile, high-density assemblies are possible

1-way, 2-way, and 4-way seals provide you with excellent versatility for cable management.


Can be extended to max. 30 openings, without the use of tools or further machining.

Outstanding seal: IP66 protection

Multi-resistant, tapered seals feature inner and outer sealing gills.

Integrated strain relief

The absolute tightness of the seals ensures a strain relief mechanism for the cables working towards accordance with DIN EN 62444.

Safe and quick installation with audible feedback

An audible "click" confirms that the inlay has been correctly installed into the frame.

Maximum versatility with optimized warehousing

The flange plates, inlays and seals can be combined in many ways – ensuring you many versatile configuration options.

Can be used from – 40 °C to + 120 °C

Materials contain no halogen or silicone, suitable for many different applications.

Cable entries made simple

A clever combination!

Versatile combination possibilities ensure maximum variety

Each of the two or three 10-frame openings can be configured with the appropriate inlays to match a wide variety of customer requirements.

Sets and possible combinations

KDS-FP-Set 1

Set consists of:
1 x KDS-Inlay 4 BK,
1 x KDS-Inlay 1 BK,
1x KDS-Inlay 6 BK

KDS-FP-Set 2

Set consists of:
1 x KDS-Inlay 1 BK,
1 x KDS-Inlay 6 BK

KDS-FP-Set 3

Set consists of:
1 x KDS-Inlay 1 BK,
1 x KDS-Inlay 2 BK

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